How to find micro influencers?

If you had heard the term “micro-influencer” ten years behind, what had you thought it referred to? Probably some kind of technical or even medical device. Currently, a micro-influencer is very important in every business strategy. They definitely came to stay between us and soon they may become a fundamental tool to make your business grow. I will try to explain in a few words why.

A nano or micro influencer is not a famous singer, actor or model. That’s why they are called so: micro. They are ordinary people who write or produce content on social media platforms, with the characteristic that they are so passionate about a matter or have so much experience in it that they are capable of affecting the way of behaving of someone in a certain way, with a certain purpose. They can also be customers of a company.

There is no statement about how the micro-influencers should be or how many influencers a company needs, it depends on many factors, especially the budget, but obviously if you want to sell more, you need more influencers, however, it is important to underline that they are not sellers, at least not direct ones. One thing is for sure: they have to be followed by at least 10,000 people if they really want to reach people. With the recent rise of the digital era, now the real marketing strategies occur not in the usual meetings in coffee shops as before, but on sites such as Instagram or Facebook or even Twitter or LinkedIn, among others. Recently, the international trade magazine InsideRetail published an article about how micro influencers can be a real opportunity and a powerful tool to create impact on the consumer consciousness of your brand, because they can reach a lot of people through different ways.

They can open up a range of benefits to your brand if you know how to work with them. Companies have to find trusting people who can act as influencers that deliver effective messages to the intended audience. How to find micro influencers? Consumers nowadays are searching for more than a simple purchase. They search also for experiences and entertainment. That’s part of the process of purchasing too, and micro influencers can help with that. They can show companies their products from the customer point of view.

The created content should not sound as marketing or advertising but as a real and relevant experience. Micro influencers must be a channel between companies and their potential customers. Brands can work with a new platform for creators,, where they can get in touch with creators. Brands can find what they are really looking for. Talented creators, on their side, are rewarded with a fascinating free shopping experience on line of a variety of products. Think of a hard-working day, then you go home, relax, and do a wonderful shopping online. That’s the kind of experience creators can have on PopTribe when they receive products for the creation of valuable, original and organic content.

Another advantage of micro influencers is that they can represent a good relation between cost and efficiency. They can reach the intended target in an easy way. Influencers or creators are in the position of customers, they connect with customers´ desires and have an affinity with customers. That’s why influencers must have a real interest in your brand to create reliable content. They need to understand your products perfectly if you want to make your brand shine. It is important to understand how the relation between influencers and customers works as much as between influencers and companies before engaging with influencers, and that can take time, but that’s the best way to be sure that you are aware of the whole process and you are getting the most

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