How It Works

Find What You Want
Search and filter hundreds of listings, explore photos and find the perfect products for which you'd like to create content.
Get Approved
If the Amazon Sellers approve your requests, they'll send them out free of charge, and update you with the tracking details.
Create Content
Then, create posts regarding these items on your social media channels. Once you've completed the posts, you get to keep all the items. Enjoy!
Add Your Products
Once you’ve signed up, you’ll add your product(s) to our platform. Our curated list of quality Amazon Associates and Influencers will go “shopping” to select the products they connect with.
Wait for Amazon Associates and Influencers to Come to You.
Just like online shopping, Amazon Associates and Influencers will add items to their cart, check out, and then you’ll get the chance to decide if they’re a good fit.
Mail Out Product.
If you approve a Amazon Associates and Influencers request, you’ll send them your product. It will be used to create Social Media Content within 3 weeks of receiving your product.