Does Video Content Have a Better Impact For Your Influence Marketing Campaign?

It is hard for most of us to remember a time when we could not grab a phone or sit down with a computer and pull up a video. As a matter of fact, 55% of people on social media watch videos online every day. We have become so accustomed to looking for videos, we often scan for a video, before we read past the headline. Videos are everywhere you look.

Influence Marketer

Influence marketers are people who use social media and other avenues of promotion as a way to market products. Influencers have top websites and hold themselves to a high standard. They use data gathered and demographics to know where to advertise and they monitor the results meticulously. They use endorsements, product placements, people, and companies that are experts in their fields. They keep all of these things in mind when they are designing the influence marketing campaign. They include testimonials, reviews, and their own experience to advertise the product to the public. Their ads are prominently placed, and their following is actively involved in conversations. People say they are more likely to buy a product based on what other people are reporting and watching the product at work than they are from reading about the product, no matter how nice the photograph is.

What do potential customers look for?

As mentioned above customers want more than a commercial or text about a wonderful product. They want quality and value and they want a live person to speak up for the product. Clients in 2020 expect content that engages, entertains, and informs them. They want to feel as if they know everything they need to know when they step away from the ad. You can only get that with video. So, what avenue is available to the influencer Marketer to make that happen? Yes, video.

Social Media for influence marketing campaign

Social media has it all. They see your opinions, reviews, and view the products in action. Social media videos generate up to 1200% more shares than texts and images combined. It surprised no one when Facebook and Instagram copied Snapchat when they introduced their “stories” feature. We are a people of virtual reality. We share our children’s pictures, or mother’s recipes, and invitations to our wedding. Our family may live next door or across the globe, but we virtually visit them often. So of course, when we find a gadget that we cannot live without, we share. When we need to repair or replace an item, whether it is a $10 item or a $10K item, we are going to check out social media. A few keystrokes and we find an influencer. We know, this is where we get the real deal. They do not have a reason to lie. A buyer will watch videos even before he looks up the data from the product site. Because he wants an unbiased opinion. Note: Influencers are not allowing questionable products or services in their business. They will not be paid off. They will not sell their position to the highest bidder. How can we be sure? Because that would be a fast, one-way ticket out of business for an influencer.

No Untouchable Nitch

It does not matter what product or service you offer, there is nothing that cannot be advertised in a Social Media Influencer campaign. There is an audience, platform, and campaign to drive your company. What you cannot explain easily you can visualize. If something doesn’t make sense when you hear it, the video will show it clearly. There is always an expert. There is always an experience. And, there is always a social media avenue that fits the bill.

Facebook & Instagram for an influence marketing campaign

Facebook and Instagram are two different social media platforms. While they share a portion of the age demographics, Instagram appeals more to the 18 to 24-year olds (and the 25-34-year olds) while Facebook is pretty firmly placed in the 24-34-year-old and up. Facebook has the most viewers (3 billion) and Instagram ranks second with 1-billion viewers. Facebook and Instagram are owned by the same company. This means all the valuable data that Facebook gathered and continues to gather is accessible to Instagram. Instagram is easier to use for an Influence marketing campaign. With just a few minutes Instagram is up and running. But if you want to know how many people that clicked on the video were women in their 20’s, you could probably get that info better from Facebook.


The reason we mention these two major players is their accessibility to videos for influence marketing campaign. They are immediately ready to download from many sources, including YouTube. You only need to sign on to a social media platform to see the ads that are ready to grab your attention. The competition is heavy. But relying on an Influence to get your message out while promoting your brand a winning strategy.

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