Color trends are ever-evolving when it comes to mobile website design. In previous years, the focus had been on the heavy use of colors that have been replaced with more subtle and focused hues now. Moreover, the subtle hues are complemented with more white space and more experimental colors that add contrast to the space. We have also seen muted colors replacing the usual gray-colored shadows and gradients making a comeback in recent years. All of these color trends have rendered an impactful user interface. In this article, we will be exploring more color trends for mobile website design.

Various Color Trends To Use In Your Mobile Website Design

Here are various color trends that would suit mobile website designs.

High-Contrast Colors

Nothing makes an impact more than high-contrast colors! A website design with bright greens, reds, royal blues, and pinks will give a stunning contrast that excites your user’s senses in a positive way. You may use bright colors according to your brand and watch how the trend gives an exciting yet refined feel to your design.

Muted, Pastel Colors

While bright colors may excite your user’s senses, a website design with muted pastel colors is sure to give your user a pleasurable experience on your site. A website design with muted colors exudes simplicity, functionality, and calm. If your brand has pastel or muted colors, then use them in your website design as well.

Black/White/Grey Color Theme

In case you don’t want to overload your website with colors, you can utilize a more minimal approach with colors and go for a sophisticated black/white/grey color theme. These colors exude class, power, and functionality. Your mobile website design can look cutting-edge with the color theme, perfect for technology or networking website designs.

Vibrant Illustrations

Illustration is becoming more and more abundant in website designs. The color trends utilized with illustrations are often bold and vibrant. When you incorporate a minimal interface with contrasting illustrations, it will bring your mobile website design to life.

Subtle Colored-Shadows

Another color trend in mobile website designs is the use of subtle and muted colors for shadows. Using blacks and greys for shadows has become a thing of the past. Now, many designers are seen incorporating muted pinks, yellows, and blues for putting shadows underneath icons and buttons.

Retro Color Theme

We all love good nostalgia! Using nostalgia as a way to feel good and build trust and rapport is being used far too often these days, so why should website designs be any different? Using design and color schemes of the past can give your website a retro theme that will be appreciated by your users. You may use old typography themes with color trends that have been utilized previously to bring a feeling of nostalgia in your users!

Color Gradients

Gradients are back again this year for the third time in a row! While gradients started off as backgrounds for many design elements, they are now being used in several other areas as well, such as typography and graphics. In graphics, especially, gradients have been a source of elevating the design. You may use gradients as a means of differentiating yourself from your competitors as a website design full of gradients is surely to stand out from the crowd!

Muted Colors With Bold Text

Another color trend for mobile website design is the use of muted colors with bold texts. Bold texts can add a ton of impact when placed in the homepage of a website. This is your chance to put your message out there and have your user read it clearly. The use of muted colors with bold text ensures that the entire design as a whole is not too heavy on the user’s eyes. You may use muted colors as per your brand or business colors.

Glowing Neons

This is another way to hit your users with a wave of nostalgia! Glowing neons were a part of the 1980’s and are being welcomed back with opened arms. You don’t necessarily have to blind your users with the fluorescent lights, but a subtle glow in the outline is enough to give a luminous effect. We’ve been seeing glowing neons in clothing, book covers, logo designs, and much more—using it in your mobile website design is a way to make it look more cutting-edge yet reminiscent of the past.

Transparent Color Overlays

Color trends come and go, as mentioned above, but they also combine and evolve too! While the use of pastels had been something of a past trend that still has its place, it has evolved in a transparent color overlay that is more of a see-through overlay. This layered effect is subtle and feels lightweight, while being intriguing and deep. For this reason, it’s been used in various book and album covers. By using this color trend in your mobile website design, you can add a touch of intrigue, subtleness, and hidden meaning.

Futuristic Color Trend

The futuristic color trend has been going on for a while now and it doesn’t feel like it’s going to stop anytime soon! You may have seen this color trend at various places, such as on T-shirts, food packaging, illustrations, and website design. By ‘Futuristic’, we don’t mean bitcoins, or self-driving cars, or space shuttles—we mean a glowing aesthetic with muted colors. Think about the ways you can create a futuristic website design to give it a fresh and other-worldly look!

Wrapping Up

Colors play an important role in website design. In this article, we presented a few mobile website design color trends that are sure to make a great first impression on your target audience. Many of these trends have been there in the past as well, showing how color trends come and go, and then come back again. You may utilize one of the trends in your website design or be creative and have a mix-and-match of a few trends!

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