Aeryon Water B Gone Diuretic Pills for Women Aeryon Wellness

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About this item:

We are Women Owned. We Are Canadian. We are Aeryon Wellness.

Aeryon Wellness understands that improved health contributes to a higher quality of life for women. At Aeryon Wellness we pride ourselves on creating products that can be trusted by you, your daughters and your best friends.

Using the latest in scientific research we formulate and distribute the highest grade, all natural, support supplements that make a difference. Our goal is to be a global leader in women’s health.

How it works?

Acting as a water-shedding, detoxifying power, Water B Göne works to balance out your body as you enter your pre-menstrual and menstrual cycle. The harmony of Water B Göne’s ingredients allows this support supplement to target specific areas where excess water builds, and cleanse areas that harbour toxins.

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